10 Things That Are Not Drugs That You May Be Addicted To. #6 Is A Kicker

In the words of Brooklyn underground rapper, AZ – “I guess anything’s addictive when it’s calling your heart.”


1. Gaming

Yes, some people eat, sleep, and you know what, video games.  What happened to getting fresh air?

2. A person

It is true; you can be so addicted to a person, that you may not want to give them up, even if they are all wrong for you.



3. Social media

Your whole day may be off track if you are not able to post your every move on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.  Sometimes, keep people wondering what you are up to (This goes for those attention-seeking celebrities, too!).


4. Food/snacking

Sometimes food can be a ‘drug’ to some.  For a short moment, they forget about all of their troubles and just indulge.

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