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13 Things You Might Want To Do If You Are Having A Bad Day

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In life, crappy days are inevitable, but it is all about how you handle those dreadful days.  We have come up with a comprehensive list which we hope will brighten your day when you feel yourself experiencing a bad day.

1. Get up shower and put on clothes even if you are not going anywhere

2. Start cleaning. Sometimes it can be therapeutic

3. Go out for a run or walk to clear your mind

4. Find a recipe online, go out, get the ingredients and try to replicate it (If you can get friends and family to join in, that is even better)

5. Cry – let it all out! Some experts say that crying is sometimes good for the soul

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6. Pray or meditate…whichever floats your boat

7. Call up that one funny friend that you know will make you laugh, even if you are in a funk

8. Put on your favorite comedian’s DVD, and block out everything else

9. Listen to an upbeat song, and just sing to the top of your lungs

 (Even if you are no good at it)

10. Stay away from social media. It just may make you even sadder (Especially if there is something controversial going on, or if people are just being critical and mean-spirited)

11. Get in the car and drive to the most scenic area in your city (Make sure your gas tank is on full!)

12. Get online and learn something new…that is sure to get your mind focused on something else

13. Go to lunch or dinner with good friends. Remember, ‘Soup for the Soul’ is good.

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