15 Cool Ways To Tell Depression To KICK ROCKS!

Depression can be a beast. It can make you forget that there is a life worth living the next day while you are going through what you are.  Many people suffer in silence when it comes to depression and somehow allow for the undesirable thoughts to over-power them. Even the strongest person can be depressed at times. It is like a disease, which often needs counseling of some sort -whether from church, psychiatrist or counselor. It needs to be tended to just as someone who suffers from alcoholism.


Below are some suggestions to at least get your mind off of the depression which may be trying to set in. You must overpower the urge before it gets to a point where it cannot be controlled.

1. Take a nice walk in the park. Do not just pick any park, a park with a breath-taking scenery. The walk and the fresh air will do your body wonders.

2. Meet up with some old friends. We would suggest one of your ‘old’ friends who would often make you laugh and brings out the best in you. After all, you are trying to keep your mind in a positive state.

3. Work a puzzle or play a game with your significant other or your children. This family time may be just what the doctor has ordered. Read more…

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