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21 Ways To Get Back To Livin’ Life To The Fullest

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Sometimes in life, we get knocked down and it becomes hard to get back up. Over years, the things we used to do, we may not do anymore. The spunk we may have once had may have lost its relevance in our life. Either way, If there is breath in our bodies, we should be living life to the fullest, and hopefully, these 21 tips will help you get back on track – they are surely helping us!:)


1. Find your passion, and just go for it! What do you have to lose, except for time if you wait too long? We are not saying to quit your day job, but what we are saying make your day job your passion (get paid doing what you love!).

2. Meet new people beyond social media (in person!). Hey, it is a strange world, so we suggest this with caution, but there is nothing wrong with talking to someone who may have a different perspective on life than you do. There is a lot of hate in the world, but love tops hate any day, so get to know someone different than you are. You never know, you just may meet a lifelong friend.

3. Change your scenery. There is nothing more cumbersome and depressing than staying in the same place every day. Go to different places. If you are on a limited budget, visit a friend in New Jersey if you live in Philadelphia. A different place is sure to bring about different outlooks on life.

4. Learn something new each day. We do not mean by Googling it either! Take an online course at UDemy or a comparable site. Some courses are free and definitely worth checking out. Learning is a way of empowerment.

5. Count your blessings. 2016 (now we are in 2018) was a rough year as it seemed like people were passing away rapidly, especially in the celebrity community. Yes, the acronym YOLO (You only live once) is kind of played out, but its meaning will never die. You do only live once, so live it and count your blessings while doing so.

6. Limit your daily news intake. We are not saying live in oblivion and la-la-la land. You should know what is going on in the world around you, but, let’s face it, the news can be depressing at times. Just pray (if you believe in the power of prayer) and keep it moving.

7. Be spontaneous. Hop on a train to New York if you live in Delaware, and take in all the sights and the endless possibilities of life. Make sure to take one of your fun, energetic friends along with you.

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8. Walk the mall. Walking the mall does not have to be expensive. Grab you an ice cream and sit and people watch – there is entertainment in that. Or, go to one of the less expensive stores such as Five Below or Marshalls, and check out their clearance section. You are sure to find something to bring a smile to your face.

9. Forgive, but NEVER forget. People who say forgive and forget, probably always make the same mistakes over and over again. You must forgive because if you do not, the person has taken you hostage and you do not even know it. However, if you forget, it could happen again. Keep your heart pure and free.


10. Adios (goodbye) to the past. We all love to reminisce, sometimes reminiscing keeps us alive, but we do not want to get comfortable there. Some people know how to look back at the past, and move on. Others get stuck there. If you are a person who can look back, smile and keep going, then it is Ok to visit the past BRIEFLY. If you are someone who gets stuck there, then only look forward and never let anything or anyone takes you back to that place in your life.

11. Keep.It.Moving. Move, move, move! Get to walking, hiking, biking or whatever it is you like to do, as long as you keep it moving. It is nice to get out and enjoy all the day has to offer.

12. Download some new music. Music is good for the soul and every now and then, we need to freshen up our collection. Make time to get that song you’ve been hearing constantly on the radio, downloaded. It is sure to put a smile on your face.

13. Laugh through any pain. Laughter is truly the best medicine. It makes you forget about momentary problems. Find a funny standup comedian and sit in the living room or family room and just laugh until it hurts!

14. Find you a mentor. Someone who is successful in doing what it is you want to do. Do not be afraid to reach out. All a person can do is say ‘no.’ If it does not work out with that person, keep going to the next person who you feel would be a great mentor to you.

15. Let go of dead weight. Some people will pull you down as you are trying to climb up. It may be a close friend or family member. You will just have to love them from afar – at least until they can get their life together.

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16. Don’t be consumed with likes, retweets or shares. OMG! People get some consumed with how many likes, shares or retweets they can get, the forget that most of these people barely know them, therefore why should it care if they ‘like’ you or not?

17. Pick up an inspirational book. If you love the Bible, pick it up daily or find a great inspiration book and read all the inspiring stories and motivational quotes to get you on the right path.

18. Have kids or teenagers in your family? We’re not talking about a long-lost third cousin, but either your own or maybe a niece or nephew. Sit and chat with them. Kids and teenagers give you a whole new outlook on life. They will bring you back to reality quickly with their innocence.

19. Volunteer. Help someone else, as there is gratification in this. Have you ever tried going to play bingo in a senior citizen’s facility? Oh, boy, you are in for a treat. You think kids say the darndest things, well wait until you get a hold of an elderly person who knows ALL about living and enjoying life.

20. Chat with an old friend. Don’t get to reminiscing with them (again, if you are a person who gets stuck in the past). However, it would be great to see what they are up to, and we’re sure they would want to see how life has been treating you.

21. Hit up Dave & Buster’s, go bowling or to laser tag. Bottom line is for you to get out there and play some games, be a ‘kid’ again!’ Have fun and forget about any worries you may be having at that moment.

Well, we hope these 21 suggestions/tips to you will help you in the re-examination of your life. Live life EVERY DAY, for the next day may never come. Be inspired and never give up!


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