9 Signs That You Are Emotionally Repressed

Feelings are messy and uncomfortable, especially in a world where we are told to be strong and keep going. However, the trouble with feelings is that they have a way of working themselves to the surface whether we pay attention to them or not.


Of course, we can’t all run around expressing our feelings every second of the day, but there are a few good signs that we are trying to push our unexpressed emotions away.

Here are 9 common tactics that people use to avoid dealing with their feelings. See how many you recognize in yourself or those that you know… Maybe it’s time for an emotional intervention?

1. Looking After Others

Looking after someone else’s emotions is much easier than coming to terms with our own. Instead of dealing with their own feelings these people focus on the emotional problems of others like some sort of unpaid counselor. You may think that you are a master at dealing with emotions, but are you actually just using others to avoid facing your own? Read more…


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