Is ‘Beauty Sleep’ A Real Thing?

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You may have heard people saying that they need their ‘beauty sleep,’ usually when they are planning to get an early night or excusing themselves for sleeping for a long time. However, is there any truth to the idea that sleep can actually improve your looks?

Of course, we all know how important sleep is to our physical and mental wellbeing, you only need to start skipping out on sleep and you will start to feel cranky. Not only that, but a lack of sleep will also leave you feeling ‘run-down’ and more likely to start picking up illnesses like colds.

As you sleep your body and mind are given time to rest and regenerate, reducing the symptoms of stress while also boosting your immune system and giving your body time to repair.

Getting enough sleep has a direct effect on your looks as skin cells are given time to repair, while a lack of sleep will also leave you with puffy eyes, dark shadows, and increases the chances of flare-ups of any conditions, like acne, rosacea or psoriasis.

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Not only will sleep help prevent these problems but spending time laying down allows better blood flow to your face, which can add glow while also preventing sagging and wrinkles.

So, get your head down and get some rest – for your mind, body, and beauty!

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