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    Should You Exercise During Pregnancy?

    Can you continue with your normal exercise during pregnancy? Well, back in the old days, pregnant women were fragile beings that should be hidden away until delivery. Thank God we don’t live in those times now.   Just because you’re pregnant, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get out there and get some active exercise. […]

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    So, What Are Some Signs Of Infertility

    Trying to conceive is a difficult process for many people. The reason is that there are many factors involved in conception. You cannot tell if you or your partner is infertile unless you visit a doctor. There are many medical tests that your doctor can perform to detect infertility. There are also methods and products […]

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    How To Bathe Your Newborn Baby

    Do you want your baby handed to you immediately after the birth or should he be cleaned first? In recent years most babies were wiped down with a towel immediately after birth before mum or dad got a chance to hold them. Nowadays choice is the keyword! It’s your decision.   Research shows that the […]

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    How To Announce Your Pregnancy!

    When a woman finds out that she is pregnant it becomes difficult to think of something else. This results in the woman being anxious to announce the exciting news with other people especially the partner. There has been a lot of controversy on the best time to announce a pregnancy. While choosing how and when […]

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    Tips On Breastfeeding Your Baby In A Healthy Way

    We’ve all heard the debate. Breast Feeding vs Formula. But why do most people say breastfeeding is the best for your baby? Because this natural mother’s milk is genetically the best food for your baby. This is the way GOD designed for things to work.   Want a more scientific reason? Okay, for one, the […]

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    5 Tips On Taking Care Of A Newborn Baby

    Caring for your baby is certainly one of the most important things you need to consider once you became a new parent. There are many things you need to consider making sure that your baby gets all the attention. 1. Make sure that you feed your baby right. Deciding on whether you should breastfeed or […]

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    The Baby Shower Supplies Checklist

    How many times have we sat down after a shopping spree and forgotten what it was we went for in the first place. Therefore, a checklist is vital when planning your baby shower party. Celebrations like this need ample supplies of goodies in quantities depending on the size of your guest list.   Invite cards […]

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    Highchairs 101 For Your Child

    If your baby is already of six months age, then having a high baby highchair is very important for you. There are many types of chairs available in the market and some of them even recline. You may choose a chair which is specially made for small babies who haven’t yet learned to sit but […]

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    Here Is How To Find The Perfect Nanny

    In some parents’ eyes, daycares are less favorable than a nanny. Some parents feel the personal attention a nanny can give to their children is a valuable service many daycares are not capable of providing due to the number of children in their care. Another reason that families choose nannies is for the convenience of […]

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    How To Establish Nap Time For Your Baby

    If your baby is not napping well during her first few months of life, you may want to try to cut back on the time she is awake by 15-minute increments. If she is getting overstimulated, then she will fight sleep and be difficult to get to nap. The way to prevent this is to […]