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    How To Deal With A Yeast Infection During Menopause

    Caused by an overgrowth of Candida albicans, a fungus, yeast infections are the most common of all vaginal infections. Yeast infections are not sexually transmitted and are often caused by menopause. Of all vaginal infections, yeast infections are one of the main symptoms of menopause, caused by the fluctuating hormones leading to bacteria in the […]

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    Yeast Infections Can Occur During Pregnancy

      Almost all women at some point in their lives will experience some problems with their bodies, specifically in their private areas. Vaginal infection is a pretty common occurrence among women most especially yeast infection. Furthermore, pregnancy and yeast infection seem to be always in tandem. More pregnant women get infected by yeast due to […]

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    Diet Recommendation To Treat A Yeast Infection

    If you believe that yeast infection is something that you only get from direct contact with someone that has it, then think again. There are many possible causes of yeast infection. Among the possibilities include using oral contraceptive pills, taking oral steroids, about to get your period, being a diabetic, use of applications like soap, […]

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    You May Just Have A Yeast Infection – What Should You Do?!

      GET CHECKED OUT BY YOUR DOCTOR, OF COURSE! The best way how to confirm a yeast infection is either you make an appointment with your doctor to perform a diagnosis or taking an over the counter test. Your doctor will perform a physical assessment and take a sample of your vaginal discharge. An over […]

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    What Yeast Infection Treatments Should You Use

    Yeast infection treatments can be administered at home with prescription medication or potentially after recommendations from people who have experienced it. Treatment can take effect within a week. If your infection is not too severe, you can continue with your home treatment, but if you are experiencing heavy infections, it is important to consult your […]

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    Yeast Infection Remedies For Your Symptoms

    You can always find the best yeast infection remedy. Yeast infection is kept under control by good bacteria found in our bodies. These good bacteria can be killed when antibiotics are used continuously. Your first remedy would be to stop taking antibiotics to save your good bacteria from dying, however, you should consult your doctor […]