Fact Check: Does Spicy Food Really Help You Lose Weight?

There are lots of claims going around about weight loss. While the fact remains that the best way to lose weight is to switch up to a healthy diet and start getting more exercise, there are those who would look for shortcuts or ways to improve the process.

Among the claims that are often made is that eating spicy food can help you lose weight – but is this true?

We decided to investigate…

The most common claim is that eating spicy food will boost your metabolism by raising your body temperature. In turn, this means that your calories are burnt off much quicker. The science says that the spicy food-based increase in body temperature is associated with a chemical called capsaicin, which is what gets your skin receptors going and makes you feel warm and sweat.

Studies show that this does increase your metabolism, but it seems the impact of this has been exaggerated. In fact, this increase to your metabolism is only by about 8%, and then only temporarily, meaning that the actual effect is minimal at best. Read more…

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