Getting Married? 5 Ways To Tell If You’re Really With ‘The One’

Whether you are in a relationship or not, you have probably dreamed of getting married at some point, but how do you know that you have really chosen ‘the one?’

1. You Make Each Other Laugh

It may sound obvious, but you should get along well with the person you are going to spend married life with!

If you and your partner make each other laugh, then that is a great sign that you could be in a healing and healthy relationship.

Being able to make fun of each other (and ourselves) shows trust and a willingness to be vulnerable with each other. Plus, if your partner is able to make fun of him or herself, it shows they have confidence too!


2. You Know How To Make Up After A Fight

While arguing non-stop is a clear bad sign in any relationship, you will probably have the occasional fight with your partner. Being able to repair your relationship after a fight shows that you are in a relationship that could work as a marriage.

Being able to talk things through reasonably, and stay open to what each other needs, is a really good sign for married life. Even if one of you needs a ‘time out’ to calm down, you should be able to come back and discuss things like adults.

This is very important. You should be a team, not fighting with each other all the time and, of course, if there is any physical abuse (male or female), then you really need to reassess your situation! Read more…

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