More Good News For Wine Lovers! Science Confirms Wine Is Good for Your Heart

Just yesterday we brought you the news that drinking wine is good for your brain, and today we have some more good news for wine lovers – it can help protect you from heart disease! A study from the University of Cambridge, England has shown that drinking a glass of wine every day could actually help protect you from 12 different cardiovascular problems…

The study looked at the habits of around 1.9 million adults and found that the risk of heart disease, heart attacks, sudden heart death and even strokes were lowered with the occasional glass of wine – or beer.


However, before you go and get drunk in the name of a healthy heart, researchers did warn that drinking too much could actually increase the risk of heart problems!

But how much is too much?

Researchers decided that seven pints of normal strength beer or 1.5 bottles of wine per week is OK, but to go above this could lead to problems. Read more…

Via: Channel Your Inner Sommelier: Drink Wine Like a Pro

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