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Look On The Bright Side – And Live A Healthier Life!

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There are some people who always seem to look on the bright side of life, smiling in the face of adversity and believing that the world is a good place. However, on the other hand, are those who tend to see things in a darker light, believing that fate is against them, and always expecting another disaster. Whether you are a ‘glass half full’ or a ‘glass half empty’ person can have a real impact on your health and wellbeing – both mentally and physically.


Studies show that it pays to be optimistic, seeing the good in life and people and staying positive, and here’s why:

-You’ll Get Over Setbacks & Traumatic Events Quicker

When it comes to being resilient and bouncing back from setbacks, a positive mindset can work wonders. Even in the darkest of times, a more optimistic outlook can help by finding meaning in bad times. A study of war veterans showed that those with a more optimistic outlook had better survival, resilience, and recovery from trauma.

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– Better Health

A positive mindset can lead to better physical health too, with optimists tending to have lower blood pressure and cholesterol, fewer strokes, better immunity, fewer infections, and better overall survival—even in serious medical conditions – such as battling cancer. Cardiac patients are less likely to be hospitalized or have heart attacks if they are optimistic. What’s more, optimists tend to have healthier lifestyles – with more exercise and healthier diets!

– You’ll Live Longer

Of course, a healthier lifestyle will help, but studies around the world have shown that optimists live longer than pessimists. In fact, research shows that this longer life cannot be explained away by just a healthier lifestyle – it seems your outlook makes a genuine difference in life expectancy!

– Less Stress

If a longer life and better mental and physical health isn’t enough for you to try and change your outlook, how about just feeling better every day? Optimists will suffer less stress and rather than feel a situation is hopeless will seek to find solutions. This creates more positivity and less stress, which in itself can also impact your health!

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It seems that your mindset isn’t just about feelings, but can have a real effect on your whole life!


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Infographic Via: Pin Pinned By Michele’s Finding Happiness

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