When Should You Replace Your Beauty Products?

Makeup, perfume, and other beauty products don’t come cheap – especially if you like to buy quality – so we understand why you might want to use up every last drip, drop, or dab. However, using old beauty products can cause all sorts of health problems as the chemicals in them break down and have unwanted effects on your skin, eyes, mouth, and more! The amount of time each product should last depends on what it is – with makeup sponges needing changing every month, while perfume can last years!

Experts have created a hard and fast guide to when you should be replacing different beauty products – from those that need swapping soonest, to ones which you can hold on to for much longer!



One Month:

These can quickly become little micro-climates harboring all sorts of nasty bacteria which can lead to breakouts and other unwanted results. You should wash your sponges with a cleanser after each use and replace them every month. Also, if you notice discoloration or deformities in the sponge it is time to start looking for a new one. Read more…


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