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Should You Skip Breakfast To Get In Shape?

Breakfast was once known as the most important meal of the day – setting you up for the day ahead and giving you the energy boost you need to get going. However, more people are advocating that you should skip breakfast altogether and get in shape by just eating two good meals per day.


The idea is to build a period of fasting into each day, with most agreeing that breakfast is the easiest meal to miss. Taking cues from the so-called 5:2 diet (where you fast for two days each week), this two-meal diet is easier to maintain without feeling like you are depriving yourself as you would on the two days of fasting on the 5:2 diet.

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Some call it ‘time-restricted eating,’ but basically the idea is the same – fewer calories means your body works harder. While some say that there is little evidence to show whether the two-meal day is effective, others believe it may “help with weight loss.”

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Of course, this isn’t an excuse to binge for the other two meals, as a healthy diet and exercise are also required to get in shape.

We would also be concerned about people taking things too far and developing disorders, but if done sensibly, it seems a little-enforced fasting can be good for you!

What do you think? Could you cut back to two meals per day?

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